2 CX500 Deluxe (I think) tanks in Tennessee


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So, my neighbor bought the junk CX500 from me but I kept the tanks. I have for sale two tanks, both I believe to be for CX500 Deluxe. Don't know how leak-tight they are. Both have substantial rust inside. If I were to keep and use one, would probably pull dents with stud welder, clean with vinegar, air leak-test, repair pinholes with silver solder, then coat with POR15. Exterior seems pretty solid on both. Burgundy tank has petcock and locking flap, but the flap doesn't latch (probably good as I don't have a key).

But instead they are both for sale. $50 each local pickup near Clinton, TN. I can meet you within ~50 miles. Don't want to ship one, but if I do beware that shipping is ~$60 (plus any packing expense) to the West coast via FedEx Ground.

If I hold on to them long enough to get around to leak testing (probably next Spring), the price will go up (pass or fail). And they will go on ebay. Just here, a couple other forums, FB MP, and Craigslist for now.

Photos of pair and burgundy tank. I'll get more of the red one soon. They were only outside for a week here.There was zero water inside (dew on outside).


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