2002 Jeep TJ "Baa Baa"


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Since I closed the chapter on the Stepside, I figured I'd open one on the TJ.
2002 Jeep Wrangler.
4.0L 5spd 190k miles
Dana 44(r) and 30(f)
3" suspension lift, 33" Mickey T's, Bilstein shocks. RC adjustable tracbars
As purchased (6/27).

After a quick clean, and tooling around.

Over the past week, I've changed the fluids in the engine, transmission, transfer case, and both differentials. This way I have a known baseline.
I also unratsnested the winch, installed the brand new (included in the deal) fender flares, freshened up the license plate mount and rear bumper caps, and added a little bit of color to offset all that black.

I corrected a couple of electrical issues. One was an odd "rapid flash" issue with a turnsignal that was simply a bad ground. The other was non working aux lights that were not hooked up in various places.

Currently everything seems to be fresh and working as it should. So after breakfast yesterday, we took a quick ride in the Spillway, just to put some mud under her. Wasn't getting too crazy with the top down, and it was about to drop 7" of rain in the area. But I'll be back there before long. The Spillway isn't much, mostly just dirt, soupy mud puddles, and small hills. But it's good enough to play around in.

It also occurred to me that we have a diverse Jeep family.

On the left is "Baa Baa". And on the right is the Elizabeth Warren Edition.


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Thanks Cory :D

Yesterday evening I did a "test spot" by hand on the oxidized paint on the hood...

Took some time today to hit (most of) the hood and fender tops with the buffer.

I'll have to move the lightbar to get the rest of the hood and the cowl.

And the TJ is officially Shop Supervisor approved!


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Go Wheelin...

Break Stuff...

(and slightly tweak a rear LCA)

Order Parts... Repeat.


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Welcome to the jeep game lol
Yea, but damn it was fun :p
The park map "key" said our rig is rated for 1-2 diamond trails. Our group leader took us through a couple of 3 diamond trails. I'll admit, I was way outside my comfort zone... for my first time seriously offroading. But everyone was great with advice and encouragement, basically showing me that the rig will do it... I just need to trust the rig.
Can't wait to go back again when it's dryer (it rained all week before this event).
And, I've ordered quick disconnect endlinks, so I won't have to worry about breaking them again.
Surprised you havent had that sway bar disconnected already, for trails.

The TJs off road ability easily doubles by disconnecting the front sway bar. That solid axle has a lot more travel in it when its disconnected. The quick disconnects will be an awesome upgrade.

I had a TJ for many years with lots of mods done to it and the JKS quick disconnects were one of the best mods.


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Honestly, we expected to just run the "bunny trails". Atleast the first couple of times, just to get a little experience. I was aware of the quick disconnects and their advantages before this, but really didn't think I was going to need them, as we weren't expecting to dive in head first (although I'm glad we did) :D
The basic mindset was, 'We'd really like to be able to drive the Jeep the 3.5hrs home, but if something happens... we have AAA' :p
In fact, our first outing went like this...
Stuck- Check
Winched- Check
Caught Fire- Check
Broke Endlink- Check
Hit Tree- Check
Broke Other Endlink- Check
Went OFF Offroad- Check
Had a Top 10 Experience Operating a Vehicle- CHECK

I also think there will be a set of E-Lockers somewhere in my future ;)


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I'll add that to the list of "Things I'll Buy When I Win the Lottery" :p

These showed up though...

New filter, new front lenses, LED bulbs/flasher and taillights, and replacement decals (that I started installing before taking the pic).
I ran ARB air lockers in mine ..... and to be honest, they were kind of a pain in the azz.

The air delivery system, solenoids, lines, air source .... it's too complicated. Plus you gotta drill and tap the housing, route lines, bend the hard copper line inside. OMG, so much work now that i think back to it. Plus after a few years you WILL develop a leak somewhere from all the miles of pot holes. One of those many connections will start to leak.

If i did it again, i would just get something electronic. My F-150 has a rear locker and its electronic. Click "on". Click "off". Simple. Easy. Clean.


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neat, so pull a pin and you're GTG, then when all done in the dirt put the pin back and drive home.


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Yup. There’s brackets on the frame that hold them up and out the way.


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Scored a set of freebie OEM seats in better condition than the ones I had.

Since both were of the 'Flip Forward' style, and my TJ was only optioned with it on the passenger side, I picked up and refurb'd a driver side seat track.

Cleaned up, dyed the cloth panels, and installed.


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