2002 Jeep TJ "Baa Baa"

Finally made it to Hot Springs Off Road Park. Highly Recommend it.
We spent over eight hours on the trails and still only hit about 1/3 of the trails we were capable of riding. We were also out there solo, so we didn't get adventurous with trails we're not really rated for. Being solo kept us from getting many pics as well.




That’s a cool little rig man. I always thought a TJ would be fun. Would love to chop one in half someday and make a little pickup. Single cab, maybe a 6” bed so it’s usable and has some more wheelbase for the trail, what the new glads should have been if you ask me. Maybe even a tdi or Mercedes diesel, then again how can you beat a jeep 4 liter. Maybe someday

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Ian Johnson from Four Wheeler took a JKU and did similar. Cut it in half, installed a 2 door cab kit, and grafted a Gladiator bed to it. I'd like to do something like that but with a simple box bed and flat fenders. And put a DV8 M715 front end kit on it. Kind of combo of these two...


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how long ago was that? I remember someone doing it but it’s been quite some time.
I recently traded for a 97 tj..has a 2.5..30/35 combo. 5speed manual. Was lifted 4.5 inches with no adjustable track bars or adjustable arms…now that I have those installed it’s safe to drive lol. Time for more power hopefully
Hit me up when you go back to Hot Springs ORV park, I mean if you'll let a bronco tag along. I have a central LA loop mapped out on OnX if you want to make a two day in state trip.
Will do Brother. I don't mind a Bronco tagging along at all. It'll give me a chance to finally use the new winch :p
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