21 Inch Rear Wheel with Pics - Found!!


I was very curious about how a 30 inch wheel would look, so I googled it.

I was very surprised how large wheels are popular on custom motorcycles.

Someone whose name cannot be spoken mentioned a friend with 30 inch rims on his VTX 1800.

I had to find a pic.....I think I found it:

Now I know you are thinking how ridiculous that bike looks, but I think you are just haters for thinking that.

Now if you want to see a ridiculous looking large wheel bike, look here:

Obviously a modern, up to date Cafe Racer. I have been following some threads about Craiglist and the lack of authenticity with the term .

So lets put those doubts to bed, and admit, the 30 inch front wheel absolutely defines the pure soul of cafe racing.

Before everyone gets mad and corrects me, as this is the internet, I realize I missed the boat on the second picture as the big tire is on the front.

I have corrected, vindicated, and celebrated myself with the next picture.

For those who like large rear ends, you know, 30 inch rears, Here you go.
The quintessential large rear end bike, excuse me, Cafe Racer,


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Re: Re: 21 Inch Rear Wheel with Pics - Found!!

mydlyfkryzis said:
When my kids' generation can't find any more bauxite to make aluminium from I hope they find whoever is responsible for this thing and he gets made into a rug


The driver would be an area rug. The passenger, wall to wall!!

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Slow clap... Small tear runs down cheek... Birds sing... The clouds part... Sweeping emotional score starts playing softly... Camera pans out as the scene fades to black... FIN.


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Here's a 30" to show how big they really are. There is only one company making tires for them and the tire alone is $600.00. I coated a bunch of 30"s for a bike builder in OKC. His wheels run from $3k-$6k each.

Here's one of the ones I coated:


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frogman said:
OKC? Where are you located marc?
I'm in north Ga. (Dawsonville), I was out in OKC in Feb. to help a friend in the powder coating business get caught up on work while he moved into a new building in Yukon.


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Ah ok thanks was just wondering, there are few mentions of people in Oklahoma on DTT just figured I would ask.


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I don't know of any cafe racers from OKC. I can however recommend a good powder coater in the area (Custom Powder Coating) I did however run into this "cafe racer" at one of the shops I was coating for. It was the Darwin/Bobby Rahal raffle bike that went for the Wounded Warrier charity a few years ago. My brother called me last month to say that it was featured in Hot Bike magazine. A little late as the build was in 2010 and the winner of the bike has since sold it back and they are dismantling it to build 2 more bikes from it. If it hadn't snowed the day I was there I would have had a chance to ride it. It has an S&S 132ci "X" wedge motor in it. I fell in love with it upon sight.


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Wtf happened to This thread? Did the op delete all of his posts? I'm lost.


Different thread. The other guy told me to start my own if I wanted to grandstand. So I did!!

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