2fastmoto, Ebay seller is a POS.


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I just had an incident concerning a part I purchased from 2fastmoto on eBay...

Yes, I am past on the 30 day return period, I told him the purchase date and knew it had past.

Also, I didn't not ask for a return OR refund. Simply an exchange.

I just now opened the sealed box, so part was still in original packaging just like it had been received this morning.

Not only would he not make good on it. Dude literally made it out to be a problem w me and on my end.

As I promised him, Any good word or mouth advertising I have given him will stop today and the opposite will begin.

Thus, 2fastmoto an eBay seller is a complete POS. Do not do any business w 2fastmoto.

irk miller

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Sucks that happened, my man. I've ordered a crap-ton of parts from them and they've always been great.


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Both fenders and and then just ordered the new fork pipes from him for this bike.
Other stuff for others.
Coming from someone who sells on eBay. The policy is there for a reason. It's pretty time consuming dealing with returns and questions. Not saying your wrong. I just wouldn't worry about it.


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As I see it, Trek is a regular and significant customer who supports that seller and he acknowledged that it was past that time limit and had expected that teh seller would work with him to rectify whatever the problem was. If he had made a first order for a few dollars and demanded cash back six months later, for sure I'd expect some push back.

As Trek explained he had a reasonable expectation that the seller would work with him and he's naturally disappointed that the seller chose not to try to come up with a reasonable work around.

None of us were involved in those discussions or know what actually went down or how each party reacted, so it's a little hard for the rest of us to be judgemental. Personally, I prefer sellers who are reasonable and try to come to an agreement or to explain quietly why they can't do what was requested. If I am reasonable and they are not, then I no longer do business with them. I bought stuff from a seller in Ohio who not only refused to take back parts that were not as described (that's being polite) but then blocked me on ebay and reported me as the "guilty party". I have zero tolerance for that sort of BS.

In this case, all we know is what we were told and all we can do at this distance is to make our own minds up about how we want to deal with that seller. I don't know Trek personally but he seems to be a straight shooter.


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I bought stuff from a seller in Ohio who not only refused to take back parts that were not as described (that's being polite) but then blocked me on ebay and reported me as the "guilty party".
Reminds me of a time when I bought a “left” header for my Suzuki s32 restoration on Paul millers eBay site. He sent the “right” header instead. I filed a claim and he wanted me to pay for return shipping which I refused, even though he screwed up. eBay stepped in and took care of it and Paul Miller blocked me as a buyer. WTF? He’s a total d-bag anyway but unfortunately he’s got some of the only vintage Suzuki parts out there. So next time I needed a part from him, my “wife” ordered it.


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EBay has changed a bunch over the years. I've been a seller and buyer there since early '99 and w/in the last year decided to give it up. We still occasionally buy and if we come across something very worthwhile to sell we'll consider it, but for the most part, "nope, done." We had some issues both as a seller and a buyer and didn't feel they were handled well by the resolution system. To me, things changed the most when it went from "mostly hobbyists and a few vendors" to "mostly vendors and a few hobbyists." Seems like when it went from a hobby that augments the income to a primary income generating business the downhill slide began.


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What was the incident? How far beyond the thirty days?
One day beyond and they sent the wrong part is vastly different from 6 months beyond and you ordered the wrong part.
Yes, there are d-bag sellers, but there are unreasonable buyers too.


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It is tough. I have been on both sides of the fence...sold a pick up only Farmall hitch to someone in France, bought a VW windshield and it was completely wrong - sellers mistake, bought a 22RE timing set and watched it track to Washington state instead of NY. All ended with less than complete satisfaction. I chock it up to "That's life" and forge on.


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I agree it's pretty shitty of them to not offer you at least an exchange.

Just from a different perspective:

We sell a lot on ebay and amazon and we turn down peoples late return requests all the time. It's not because we are assholes, it's because we're a business.

When the buyer buys the item we have to make it, package it, ship it (at our expense mind you). When they want to return it we then have to do the same thing over again. Make a return label, receive the return, unpack it and inspect it, repackage it for resale, refund the payment (most CC companies no longer refund you the fee you paid them when you do a return). So at the very least to send someone something and take the return we've spent $30 that we will never see again, all because the customer didn't read the description in 99% of cases. Ebay in particular will not give you your fee back unless you refund the buyer in full, so that means you by default have to eat the shipping if you offer free shipping which is expected these days.

For those reasons if it's outside of the date I'm not taking it back unless I have to.

The only time I authorize returns outside of the return window is if they want to exchange it for another item (the profit then offsets the loss on the return, making it a net draw for us). Or if they call and are pleasant about it and ask nicely.

I have no idea who the seller is here, but for us in particular I don't have a clue who is a regular buyer and who isn't unless I have conversations with them, someone could order 100 things from us and I'd never know it unless they have a recognizable name that I see and remember on the labels.

The point here is things are different for a guy selling parts out of his garage that has the time to deal with stuff and the business that's running on tiny margins who has to pay every step of the way.


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Unless you get the full story it's hard to say. I used to sell and don't when the changes Ridesolo stated happened. I still buy because the things I buy I'm not able to get most other places. I have a good seller story though. I needed to stop my Pilot from going into VCM "Eco Mode" as it will eventually cause a wack of issues. I researched 2-3 different ways and settled on a reasonable version of the product that does it. I went to E-Bay as the guy who makes the one I wanted sells through there. I was on my phone(never again) and when I clicked my model year the screen jumped, but I didn't notice. I went in the next day to check the shipping and saw it said 05-08 pilot and went WTF? I ordered the 09-12. Emailed the guy, he showed me I fucked up, but he hadn't shipped yet. He was out of the plug needed to make the model for me but would have them in a few days, so I waited, he made the right part and sent it to me. It didn't work right at first so he worked with me to get it exactly placed right and now it works perfect and my Pilot runs better and won;t have the issues in 20-30K that VCM causes. He was easy to deal with, helped after the sale etc. and made my mistake a none issue. Now I have a asshole seller story. I needed a header for my Yaris. I found a few on ebay and one was a good deal. 50% off. I ordered it, then noticed in one pic it didn't have O2 bung. I immediately canceled the order. less than 2 min. They didn't answer the cancel. they shipped the header, I got it, it didn't have the bung, I would have had to pay almost the cost of the header to send it back. They declined the cancel and said it had already shipped. In 2 min, which was BS as the tracking showed Fedex didn't even pick it up for 2 days after I clicked cancel. I gave them a shit review and will never order again and had to have the bung welded in to use the header. Who the fuck sells a new "Guaranteed to fit" header without a primary O2 bung on an EFI car? Chinese POS sellers maskerading as US sellers.


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The one that was pretty much the final straw for me was a pair of new baseball shoes I came across real cheap. Nice, big name brand, brand new in the box. Sold them for $30 to a guy in GA. As @SONICJK said, you pretty much have to offer free shipping and returns, in this case it was 30 days. Three weeks later we went home and the day we arrived got a msg from eBay saying the guy had requested a return because of something wrong w/ one shoe. I had inspected them, nothing wrong, but I immediately wrote back and told him to return them BUT to send them to THIS address here in OH because I was no longer in MS. I hear nothing for weeks, I write to the guy, no answer, write again, no answer. I called the place where I stay in MS and asked if there is a package for me? Yes there is, so I ask them to write "No longer at this address. Return to Sender" on the box and give to the USPS which they did. Eventually eBay says they want to close it out, did I receive it yet? Call them and explain all. They extend the time and say they will contact the buyer. A week later eBay takes my $$ out of PayPal, closes out the transaction. $30 ain't going to kill me and I had no use for the shoes so no real loss, but that and a couple other past issues finally just capped it for me, no more selling. And yeah, more than a year later, I've never seen the shoes.
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I have an online business. I send a package to a purchaser and from the time they receive it they have a month to open the box and see if what they received is what they ordered. I have no control over their time so I carry on and if I have not heard from them in that month, I refill that vacancy in my inventory.

As a vendor I would like to know; if after 30 days we still do not have a deal, then when do we?

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