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So I thought this would be as good place to ask an "element of style" question. The Harley Sprint, also know as the Aermacchi 350 Sprint. I'm just curious for my own knowledge - rather to settle a dispute between a friend and myself - whether the Harley version has Harley logo castings on it as opposed to Aermacchi? Very obscure question, but anyone who knows sprints should be able to let me know. Even a suggestion of where I would look to find out would be very much appreciated.


as the former owner of a 250-H i can definitively say, I have no idea...

However, if what I researched back in the day was correct, the bikes were made by Aermacchi and HD just slapped a few stickers on them. So, I'd guess that it being made in Aermacchi factories and all, it'd probably have Aermacchi stampings. But I'd suggest consulting the Google for a definite answer.

Side note: I still want to kick myself for getting rid of that bike...

I had a (1966, I think?) 250 harley Sprint, which did definitely have Harley Davidson cast into one of the engine's side covers. I knew that it had been made by Aermacchi, but didn't say so anywhere on the bike. The whole thing was painted flat black, which I thought was cool as hell at the time. Now, that I think of it, if I had another 25 Sprint, I'd probably paint it flat black like that one, and with a Jolly Roger on the tank too.
I have a Sprint project that I'm working on right now, and the Casings do say Harley Davidson.

The Right side cover has Harley Davidson cast into it. For some reason I can't find any of my pictures.
I had a flat black 250 Sprint (I painted it that way), my first street-legal bike, back in, like, 1973. It had HARLEY DAVIDSON cast on one side of the engine (I think the primary side) and a little Harley logo on the small cover on the other side. It kicked on the left, shifted on the right, with one-up, the rest down shift pattern (the bike started its life with a toe-heel type shifter). I had a Norton/Matchless P-11 years later and reaquainted myself with the right hand upside down shifter. Since it was the first bike that i owned and my previous experience was with Honda trail 90 step-thrus, it didn't seem a bit odd to me. Years later I saw a 350 Sprint (post 1976 federal mandates I think) and it looked to me like they swapped each and every part of the engine to the opposite side, like mirror-imaging the blueprints or something. Anybody know anything about that?
A friend of mine has one of these kicking around the house that belongs to his son (he's 76) I think I should talk to him about it!
I've owned a couple, a 250C and a 350SS both of them had Harley Davidson on the castings.
I actually have one if the very few 1969 sprint 350 SS by Aermacchi made . Currently in the process of deciding weather to go full cafe or stay original . The latter would be purely for value but I have often wondered why it doesn't have HD castings and there is clearly an Italian sticker on the fender that says "made in Italy by Aermacchi for Harley Davidson "
Harley owned 50% of Aermacchi and around 1974 Aermacchi sold the rest of it's motorcycle business to AMF Harley Davidson. If it was mine, I'd keep it more or less original. They are very unique machines, even in the 70s my 66 gathered at lot of attention.
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