400four, Dueling Banjos


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Screen Shot 2021-01-04 at 6.19.18 PM.png

During the Black Knight build. I wound up w enough of the big basic parts to build a 2nd 400four. I dont know how this happened?!?!
So over the past year Ive been collecting "nicer" NOS - OEM Honda- and a couple Repop bits as I find them priced right.

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 6.34.29 AM.png

These wheels will get swapped w the cleaner ones already installed on the Black Knight.
Today I am digging and organizing parts and finishing up fresh front and rear wheel bearings, seals and sprocket.

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 6.31.52 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 6.32.41 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 6.33.26 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 6.33.55 AM.png
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Been looking forward to this pretty young thing.
Haha Thanks my man. I hope it makes up for any disappointment I know some of you felt after seeing my last build finish up.
PS. I also been collecting some cleaner originals to spruce up the Black Knight just a smidge. ;) Along the way.
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Yeah, the Black Knight is legit. My opinion had more to do with wanting to see what you do with 400f restoration.
Thanks guys, Im working up my excitement to get started.
It will be virtually bone stock, with just a couple small, barely noticeable mods.
Ridesolo, I took a nap and missed bidding on an NOS chrome chaingaurd still in original Honda packaging.
That REALLY pissed me off. So, kinda serious.
But not so serious as to miss a nap.
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Yep, it's serious, he broke out the BIG table!

That's a huge bunch of OEM stuff there. Nice collecting, you'll have it looking as nice as that K75 very soon.
That's a huge bunch of OEM stuff there. Nice collecting, you'll have it looking as nice as that K75 very soon.

Fingers crossed it will be exactly half as clean as Rachels 400A.
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Any tips for pulling the gear out of the speedo drive? Or do I just blast the old grease out w brake cleaner?
After some digging I found it’s held in w a wire snap ring and not really meant to come apart. Just gonna spray it clean and fresh grease and seal.
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Would appreciate a report on how well that works, if that's a can you just bought. With the EPA ban on methylene chloride, I've yet to find as effective of a paint remover as those made with it. Yours appears to be without the "non-methylene chloride formula" label.
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