4into1 shocks?


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Has anyone ever tried any of the shocks they sell over at 4into1? I’ve had good luck with some of their other products, and I’m looking to maybe get something stiffer for the back of my cl so I can actually do a little trail riding. Kind of looks like their remote reservoir shocks are just RFY’s with a 4into1 logo on them and less gaudy colors. I’ve heard mixed views on the RFY’s, with the common consensus that they CAN be good, but aren’t out of the box. I’m not set on the remote reservoirs either, just looking for opinions on what they have to offer on their site. The shocks on my bike right now are cb200’s, and there isn’t a spec of oil left in them, so pretty much anything is better than what I have lol

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You probably already know the answer, but you get what you pay for. That said, I just put a set on my cb! I chose their aluminum body/non reservoir models, because they offered ride height adjustment and are a very cheap stand-in until I decide to throw more money at a “problem”.

You only get maybe 1cm of height adjustment, not sure what they advertise. The compression damping is ok, but non adjustable. Rebound damping is a little scary. Even backed out all the way, I would like less. My cb550 and 170lbs has the preload in the middle of the adjustment, so maybe a little over sprung for a cb200. I wouldn’t expect them to last much longer than a couple years.
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