4th Annual Charm City Mods vs Rockers - August 24th

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I had a great time at this event last year. Good showing of bikes, and Dee Dee Delux and her crew was rocking! Brought my Dad, had a Boh or two and checked out the hardware. I absolutely love this city as much as I love vintage bikes. Anyone in Baltimore or nearby willing to help me get my XJ650 ready to ride before this year? There will be plenty of beer provided at my expense!


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I am plannign to do this ride and check it out. hope my bike is > 90% by then.

Rockers CT said:
Just for a note.. that's the same day as the Brooklyn Show at WORKS...

what is this event? I am close to brooklyn...


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Best show and best turnout so far!

If you click on the flier above, there are some pics and a video on the website.

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