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Welp we have decided on next years trip... Motos In Moab

seems like an awesome time, we are beyond exited

how many of y'all sunsabitches are going too????

Same group of guys who did the canyon trip are going and hopefully a couple more, this time were taking bikes that are a little more
off road oriented than last time

nobody is sure exactly what they are gonna build but we have till may to get this sorted


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Woo! got a GIF maker for my phone ha gonna put some canyon stuff up


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Sonreir! you would be accurate in your assumption

turned out to be a bad reg rec, the M unit was fine but about everything else was a scratch up

ended up using a parts store reg/rec that has been working fine

Wish I had your knowledge of electronics prob could save a bundle and sleep easier

I am super into your Puch build Ive been googling those tubes since I saw your thread yesterday
also love that ammo can you are whipping up, rad stuff
Great gifs man! Well except the whole money eating electrical problem. But it "looks cool" :-\

Did you pay for the gif maker or mind sharing the program info? Good stuff.
Nah man just a free app called ImgPlay for my iPhone. Seems to work well has their logo but I don't be caring


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I might end up going to Motos in Moab this year since it's a four-hour ride from my place. A few buddies of mine went last year and had a blast.
Danejurr sweet deal, just looked through the GS build its looking good, seems like we have similar workspaces and tools.

I think its gonna be an epic holiday weekend
So... We abandoned the post but not the builds we made it to motos in Moab and it was a shit show of the most fun variety.

Hopefully we met some of y'all and didn't even know it...

Any who these are the builds that we took to Moab


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Thanks guys!

The Ducati is a 748 we call the "dirtcati" it's a ton of fun and those twinduros grip
So hard. And surprisingly hard on pavement too. The triumph scrambler has them too

Moab is unreal and the roads outside of town are more or less deserted so you can play if you have the inclination


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