68 Honda CB350 rebuild - first build.


Just takings things apart to see what it does!
Hi Guys, about 8 months ago I bought an old, greased up, parts here and there 1968 Honda CB350. I went at it with full force and completely stripped everything down including the engine. I had all intentions of rebuilding it myself, however work took over and it has been rusting in my garage since (I live about 100m from the beach.) In that time I have read a lot of forums about rebuilds and thought seeing as how much I enjoyed them and learnt from them I would share mine. My other bike a Honda Hornet 919 is in the shop after a sunday driver cut me off in a roundabout, so I have had some free time to get stuck back into this project. I have the motor currently being rebuilt and while I wait for that I am spending up to buy and replace basically every part that is mechanical or electrical and a lot of aesthetics parts too. This bike had been sitting around covered in oil and grease for about twenty years so few parts were salvageable.
So waiting on parts and the motor for now but will post the start up picks. Posting may be random until I receive everything i'm waiting on.



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Yep. welcome from Georgia.

Good start, watching as I'm in the midst of a 350 twin build myself.
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