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Hey there, so just before this last summer on a local classifieds site a 1968 Yamaha YDS5 popped up, this was actually the same bike that I had been looking at the summer prior and was going to arrange a trip to go see it and potentially purchase it but some stuff came up and I didn't have the resources to dedicate to the bike at that time, but when I saw the same one pop up again I got excited and arranged to go see it within the next few days, I figured I'd have to get my hands on it, especially after doing a fair amount of research on it, a 2 stroke 250cc street bike with that classic 60's styling was almost too much to resist. The owner was able to start it for me but it was only running on one cylinder, everything checked out, the bike came with an extra set of points, headlight, and a few other bits. It came with a badly dented up airbox side cover so I've since been looking for a replacement but it's been impossible to find so far.

Some recent pics (sorry if they are a bit blurry):

The plan was to get her running and insured this summer, but as per usual stuff came up, I was working a lot but having trouble getting the over $2000 that my insurance company wanted upfront for the year so the bike sat while I worked on it whenever I had a little bit of time. I've since thrown in a new battery (will have to modify the battery case to get it to fit more snugly), purchased a carb kit for both carbs, thoroughly cleaned them out and installed the kits, have new ignition wires (red) on her as well as a set of fuel hoses, also red that will be used. The tank has some rust inside of it so I bought a por-15 motorcycle tank kit. I'm finished my school semester this week so this weekend the plan is to get compression (should be good, bike has under 3500 miles on it) set the points and ignition timing.

The next step will be the filters, been having some difficulty finding an original airbox case for this bike, as I heard that some pod filters wouldn't be the best choice on this bike as it'd require further tuning and still may not run correctly, however I've only heard that about the K&N cone filters. Other than that this is going to be a winter resto to get her into good running condition for the summer, I've put in an order for a new seat cover (replica of original) with new seat foam as the PO seems to have put some weird seat on the original seat pan, which is in great condition btw. Have no plans to do anything to this bike that is not reversible, other plans were a nice straight bar (as seen on other YDS and YDS5 bikes) and rubber covers for the front fork springs (I love that look).

Sorry that there's more talk than pictures but I figured I'd start this thread early, I'll try to keep it updated regularly and will include videos when I have it fully running.


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I have also a YDS5 in my Garage... and the Scrambler-Version, the YM2C... Maybe I have a airfilter-case... if you want one!

Here is a pic of my YM2C 305 from 1967... (lick to make it big)...



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Where are you that insurance on that bike is 2 grand!?


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If your sidecover is steel, any good metal fab shop should be able to straighten it out for you pretty easily. Drop by any local hot rod shop and see if they can help.


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Hey, sorry for the lack of updates, been busy with school and it's been a cold cold winter up here. I'm in Ontario, Canada, which is the reason for the insurance rates, if you're under 25 they're generally pretty bad, especially on older bikes where typically only niche insurance companies will look at it, I've ordered some parts for the bike so I'll be updated this soon. PeterA, that's a beautiful bike! Absolutely stunning, I sent you a message regarding the airbox cover too.


This is an old thread but.... I recently moved across the country and disposed of the dead battery in my YSD5 assuming I'd have no trouble finding the right one when I got settled in on the east coast. Well, the info is scarce and the part number in the service manual I have from 1967 is not a number used here in the brave new world we live in. FYI - As of this writing, the part number on the Bike Bandit site (12N5.5A- is incorrect. I bought the suggested battery and it was a squat little f**ker that would not go in.

Long story short, does anyone have the part number for the battery that fits a YDS5?


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Nixoid, I just picked up a 1967 YDS5 myself. It had a Bikemaster TruGel battery in it. MG14B-4 I have a manual but it's for the YDS3 and other models so I can't be of much more help. Since the OP is likely no longer around, and you brought this to the top of the list, hopefully it will help others when they search for this on the net. The battery is Yuasa 12N5.5-3B

Found this one that matches my current battery (which is unfortunately dead and not the stock yuasa...) with dimensions L = 5.88 W = 2.75 H = 5.75 https://www.amazon.com/Lead-Acid-Ba...jbGlja1JlZGlyZWN0JmRvTm90TG9nQ2xpY2s9dHJ1ZQ==


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