7 inch headlight bucket fit between the ears of a cb350?


Vmax...why,yes i think i will
if you still have the ears attached to the forks simply measure the space between them

if the forks are out of the clamps then measure the distance between the middles/outside ( depending on the offset of the clamps from the centre of the tubes) of the two holes the forks go through in the clamps

even though i know little to nothing about the 350 i'd say it is unlikely a 7" will be the right size, its fine for a 750 but the 350 would be a fair bit narrower in the front end? at a stretch a 9" can be made to fit a 750 but you'd only do that if you were after an improved set up which seems to scare some people, as does using a 90/110 H4 halogen, can't think why people would actually seek out an original sealed beam

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