70's Survivor CL450 CHOPPER!

Craigore said:
Dude. I need that seat. Fine me one! I would seriously appreciate it if you could take a pic of the bottom of that bad boy.

The bike is not currently in my possession- getting delivered next month so I'll take some better photos then. It's done really well though

I'm going to a swap meet this weekend. I'll look around and see what I find. The one posted above is groovy.
fitted a new king/queen seat that I got off ebay. Not 100% sold on it but you cant fit a normal seat on these things because they're a flip-up design.
I have to make or find a sissy bar that doesnt leave such a large gap

That's terrible. Awful. Totally horrid.

I'll take it off your hands... ya know, just so you don't have the shame of having to ride it around.

Seriously though, I'd take a bit of shine off of that seat and it would look great. Yeah, different sissy bar.

Here's mine before I started working on it. No frame alterations just laid back...

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