72 CL350 - Cafe Project 13 - Luck is not a factor for this noob


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Since getting her started and idling...I figured I'd move on to a fun/cheap winter project since I wont have funds for tires/brakes/chain with Christmas around the corner....Gotta keep the GF happy so I get garage time.

Started with a wood seat base mounted on the existing hardware so it will use the seat lock and hinges.
Cut out a place for my battery and other electrical.

Then foamed/sanded/taped and Frankenstein'ed it until I got a decent shape mold I will fiberglass in the next few weeks.

Pic1: Wood Base fitting prior to mounting/cutting (used 1inch thick pine)
Pic2: Base mounted with battery box cutout
Pic3: Foam blocks glued up....(fyi the foam glue sucks!) ended up using foam, a bucket, and wood to finally get my shape.
Pic4: Rough Mold sitting on the bike ...angled up due to cross bar but will sit level...also will mold in a tail light once it comes in.
Puc5: Getting closer
Pic6: Went over it again with a waxier tape
Pic7: Added a slightly raised fin down the middle


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