72 Honda CB450 "lucky 13"

Hi, I just introduced myself in the member intro section so I guess it's time to start a build thread. I paid $400. for it last summer with 1,500 miles on the odometer as it was in a non running condition. I figured I would clean up a few things and add some paint, rebuild the engine, make a nice running bike. WELL, sometimes things can get a little out of hand (as you will see) when I build things and end up wanting to replace every little part because I'm nuts. My mission is to build something clean that I can take for short rides to work or to car / bike shows. I am probably going to have lots of questions for you experienced guys and I'm always open to opinions so don't hold back. As for lucky 13, that's just my lucky number so I want to display it on the tank somehow. I did a drawing in paint to show what the paint scheme will be. I did another drawing on paper showing my tank design.



After: (almost done)

taking the engine out.....and dismantling everything else. My brother Tim and my friend Tony are helping me build this thing so I owe them my life when all is done. (Tim takes the photos)


a little blurry, after the machine shop cleaned it up. Also picked up some .25 NOS pistons for the rebuild

head needs a visit to the machine shop also....got NOS intake and exhaust valves also.

after the head was cleaned.....



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Wow your making awesome progress! Nice looking bike to start with! Seems to be quite a few CB450 builds goin on around here! Cant wait to see it completed...keep up the good work.

took apart the carbs, cleaned and rebuilt...... Make sure you dont have a hole in your glove working with the industrial strength cleaner like I did...... yikes my finger tips where almost burned off :'(

this winter sucked but I figured if we got some work done like stripping the paint the sooner I would be out there riding this thing. My brother Tim stripped all the paint off the frame in 30 degree weather with just a wire wheel. Little brothers are great for all sorts of stuff.....as long as you feed them Taco bell for lunch everyday ;). We also got that nasty clear coat off all the aluminum stuff. I am sure it was clear at one point in it's life but yellow parts weren't cutting it.

need some spacers made from the machine shop. Did a drawing that they ended up not needing :p

first they made these to try for fitment

Mock up to determine what length was needed for the spacer

Got some nice L.E.D. turn signal / running lights that slip over the spacer and fork. These are made for a Harley so they are 39MM and my fork is 35MM. That's were the spacer comes into play.

ready for paint now
I rebuilt and painted the carbs and then decided that maybe the gray would look weird with the Volvo color that I was using for the rest of the build.

sooooo gold it is. Also picked up some cheap air filters for now. May go to K&N later.... have to see how these work first.

I made a phone call to Buchanon Spoke and actually SPOKE with Mr. Buchanon himself lol.....who is very knowledgeable! He shipped me some cool Sun aluminum rims and carbon steel spokes (so I can have them painted). Also ordered the stainless steel nipples. The rims are 2.15x19 and 2.75x18. a little bigger then stock. Also got some Conti go tires in 100/90-19 and 120/90-18 sizes. Then I placed an order with all balls as I have to replace the wheel bearings at this point.

steering head tapered needle bearing also



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Nice! I like the gold on the carbs. Also I have seen those turn signals somewhere before, where did you get them?

The bike is going to look sweet!


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Holy Cow, what a Build. I always wanted a CB450. this is great inspiration. I really dig the front turn signals on the forks. Great job on the build so far. And Very nice drawings.
The original gas tank has seen better days :-\. With rust build up and a gas cap that Arnold Schwarzenegger would have trouble opening, I did some research for a cap with a weld in bung. I figured the low handle bars would bring my chest closer to the tank so I wanted something flush.

I wish I had my own paint area and supply's because it would save me a lot of money. I'm sure most of us are in the same boat though.....anyway here is the bung before it was welded in and before the body work was done to the tank. I am still waiting to get the tank and air filter covers from the painter :-\.


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