74 cb750, First build.

tiretread said:
What an incredible build. I'm doing my first as well and it will not look 1/100th as good as yours. Can't wait to see this finished and running.
This is my first build, just take your time with it. I thought I'd be done with this bike two years ago. Just have an idea where you want to take your build and slowly get it there. If you don't know how to do something just ask. This forum has a ton of information to help you.

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I'm looking for a spacer that goes in the rear wheel on the sprocket side. I can't find the original from when I broke the wheel down and the one I have from my extra 750a wheels is too big and I really can't find anything online. Looking for one that will fit. Not sure of the hub sizes throughout the years but I'm sure as long as the hub size is the same I think the spaces will work.

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GoCrazy said:
If you have the original part as a model, it can be easily made on a lathe.
Yeah that was the second option, finding someone with a hub sitting around was the cheaper option

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So I finally got around to getting the back wheel mounted, the seat and the tank on. A few minor adjustments are needed on the seat but it's looking good so far!

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JustinLonghorn said:
Handlebars, mate. Do they hit the gas tank?
Lol deleted that post was rolling the bike out to take some new photos when I read it. no I'm able to have them at a comfortable position and still clear the tank. At first was thinking about adding to the steering stop but there was no need to. Only clearance issues I had like I said before was the rear sets clearing the swing arm and the linkage but I got that sorted. Hopefully the exhaust won't interfere with them once it's on.

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I don't have a picture but pretty sure it's on a 'pressed tin' angle bracket from top rear engine bolt
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