74 Suzuki T500 - The Phoenix

I take it back. Turns out I am not a internet wizard. My son has just sourced me all the gaskets and also the crank seals online. Now back to cleaning, then to attempt to put this engine back together. This is my very first time tearing down and rebuilding a motor. I am mechanically inclined, but this is another level. Wish me luck. Pics will be following once everything is cleaned.
Thank you for the links. I have some sad news to report. I do not know him or spoke with him. I emailed Ian at oldjapanesebikes.com to see if I could get a PDF of the FSM as he has it on his site. His wife emailed me back this morning informing me that he passed away on Friday. I know from reading here that he was a absolute awesome dude. If anyone knew him personally, or his wife, please let me know if there is anything we can do as a community to help.
The 'MZ 'twin .
Probably common knowledge by now but make sure you don't over torque heads and spark plugs as they WILL distort and/or crack.
Sure would like to see a positive update on this one. Fact of the matter is, I have evil memories of these things. A friend of mine had one and I had the last of my British bikes - a '73 Bonneville T120V.

Why evil? Because I spent way too much time behind him sniffing two stroke smoke... 'nuff said.
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