74 TX650 wheel building.


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Some wheels I built for the 74 TX650. The bike was fitted with alloy wheels when I brought it home, but the original spoked wheels were also supplied. Spokes were totally rusted out and rims were badly damaged from use of screwdrivers, hammers, chisels, apparently anything the PO could lay his hands on, except tyre levers.
I ground the rim edges down to smooth over the gouges, dents and scratches. The rest of the damage on the side walls and spoke area was cleaned up with a nylon fibre wheel and the rims werebthen polished. There's still a little bit of damage I couldn't fix, but you have to look pretty close.
Rear hub was mounted on the lathe and the flanges trued and casting bridges between fins removed, then polished. Front hub was also mounted on the lathe and the two bridges cut down a little so I could get into the centre of the hub to polish.
Stainless spokes were used, the front spoke supplier supplied spokes that were the right length but the thread was too long, so, after lacing, centering and truing there is 3mm of thread showing between nipples and hub. Rear spokes came from Heidens, right length, right length of thread, so, all good.


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The original spacers and dust covers were rusted and damaged, I turned up some new stainless spacers and aluminium dust covers and pressed them together.
Bearings were replaced with sealed units.


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Looks really nice. I ran a pair of those rear rims on my CB350 race bike back in the 80's and developed some cracks in the rear rim. I don't know what caused the cracking, but it was only on the rear rim in 2 different places. They were pretty used rims when I laced them up and I have not heard of that as a common problem on them, but I paid extra attention to the front one after that.
Did you machine off the webs between flanges on front hub or didn't the 74 have them?
I've only got later model XS's (77~79)
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