75' CB360 The you can never have too many projects bike

So I got my Triumph all the way down and came across this steal, a 75 cb360 for next to nothing. Loaded it up in the back of my land rover on valentines day (the girl loved that after dinner) and got crackin on it.
I've done alot of glass work with sub boxes and bodywork but this is my first tail. But it's starting to look like something.
Picked up some CL pipes and a shield for a steal. Sent out the carbs to PJS to get them dialed in and perfect.
Spent more time then i like to remember polishing the side cases.

Forgot to mention I detabbed the frame, and painted everything with POR15 then top coated with POR15 Chassis Coat. That stuff is amazing!
I welded a tail lite mount and plate mount to the rear hoop. And glassed some brackets to the bottom of the tail, so it only takes 2 wing nuts to remove the tail to access all the electronics.
Got the tank pretty close to ready for paint and the tail is near ready.

Also made some brackets to run just the speedo and headlight brackets to bring it in on the forks, and cut the rivets to remove the front fender and just run the brace. Also put in all balls steering head bearings and rebuilt the front brake caliper.
I'm running a shorty clutch, and shorty front brake master from dime city cycles. they have been a huge help! and have been killing it with their prices. So I ditched all the wires I don't need.
I picked up a 4 cell anti gravity battery from dime city and it's crazy small! I am keeping my electric start and it's turning it over perfect.
Turns out i had less clear then i thought so i only got the tank sprayed today. Metallic gold, GM white, and super jet black.

So what's left???
1-paint the tail and honda emblems
2-attach my seat foam (using the yoyodyne seat foam like is used on race bikes)
3-install my new coils (one was shot)
4-install my pods
5-put a few miles on it!
6-hopefully our man on here that sells amazing rearsets has some soon, so i can ditch the stockers.

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