76’ Kawasaki KZ750


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Good day all,

Except for some minor wire tweaking, my project is done. Have been working on her for 3 years and this is my first build. Parts/work follows.

New steering stem bearing
Carbs rejetted
K&N Pod filters
Frame shortened and welded
Rebuilt stator and field coil
New regulator/rectifier from Oregan motorcycle parts
Bullet signals
Frame, engine, accessories painted
New brake lines
New front master cylinder assembly
Halogen light
Clubman bars
Seat pan repurposed, foam shaped and recovered
Front and rear calipers rebuilt with new brake pads
New Dunlop K70 tires
Aftermarket speedo and tach with integrated idiot lights
Fender eliminator with LED taillight
Custom ignition/lighting switches with x2 LED’s for oil pressure and brake light failure
Valves clearances adjusted
New front, rear sprockets and chain
New front and rear wheel bearings
MAC 2-1 exhaust

I’m probably missing some things, no big deal.

Has been quite the process, learned so much along the way. Thanks to everybody for their help. I’m looking forward to the next project.

Now for the test ride :-D




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Sup guys? Been enjoying the Kawi all summer. Some pics are attached. Currently preparing for some modifications when I put her away for the winter. Planning on fabricating a electrical/battery box so all components are in a centralized area. From the electrical box, running the wires through an aviation cannon plug. Also going to refoam the seat and make a pleated cover for it. Stay tuned, Cheers!


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