'76 Suzuki TS185 "Roker"


Gold Coast, Queensland
Not done yet mate, I have to many projects on the go and bounce from one to the other.

I currently need to rebuild the exhaust as all the thin spots got blasted open when I took it for a test ride.

I also need to replace the engine seals at some stage.

They are a good bike, just make sure the oil pump is in working order as it also lines the crank bearings.

I have considered using a flat seat but I still like the current look so I think I will keep it. If I recall correctly the seat is a Roc City seat.

Would love to see a build thread for your son's bike.


He's 11 so......he gets distracted ha ha. I'll probably be doing a lot but that's fine! Like yours it's gonna be a little or no money job. It runs and drives, but it's just boring. Will probably do a thread, I'm bad so it'll be short. Bye the way...it's got more rust than it looks



Gold Coast, Queensland
Re: '76 Suzuki TS185 "Roker"

So i tried to weld a new section on to the header of the chamber but it was not possible. Most of the chamber is no longer steel, but thick rust.

Looks like a hole new exhaust is in order.


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Brodie, that could be a fun opportunity to play with a later-model expansion chamber, to see if you can wring out a few more ponies.


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Hi There,

I ended up finding this thread. I bought the project off Broady a few years back and have completed the bike since.

Few photos of the finished build are attached. Broady if you see this I'm having some issues with the 12v conversion, when I hit the headlight

my antigravity battery shits itself under the LED headlight's load, otherwise the bike charges the battery without it on. let me know your thoughts?

Happy to chat more about the build :)





Gold Coast, Queensland
Re: '76 Suzuki TS185 "Roker"

Awesome dude. Came out rad. Glad you finished it. I was only wondering about this bike the other day. Must be a hoot to rise with how light it is.

As for the battery. How big is it? What are the specs for the headlight?


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Thanks everyone and yes so stoked its finally done.

Power band is crazy!

Battery is an Antigravity 4cell AG-401 14v, headlight is a 42w LED and only runs a low beam.

have a 6v to 12v reg rec but still doesnt charge the battery, I get around 25-30 minutes and electrics are completely dead.

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