'77 CB550 The "Sake Bomber"

'77 CB550 Winter Project.

Made a small Mount of progress last night after work. Got the original lower bearing race cut off and the AllBalls Racing bearings mounted. Did a little modding to the steering stops as well as a temp fix, too




Then I got a wild hair in my ass and started playing around with the cb400 tank I have for the CM build I'm doing for the wife...LOL






Re: '77 CB550 Winter Project.

I like the blue tank, shows more of the engine !
'77 CB550 Winter Project.

Bits and pieces are trickling in, and with the weather starting to warm up a little, I've got the desire to get back in the shop and work on the scoot.

Drawing quite a bit of inspiration from bikes I'm seeing locally and here on the DTT forums.

Got my 600rr rear brake to go with the wheel and rotor...


Out At dinner the other evening with my wife at our favorite sushi bar heron town have me the idea of what to finally name the bike. I've always been a simple guy, and my toys have had simple names, but this time I've been drawing a blank...until now!


She's Japanese, I love sake (more specifically, sake bombs!), and the bike is kind of a bomber of sorts....

The "Sake Bomber" has been born!!!

On a side note, if any of you happen to have a straight Cbr600rr or 1000rr front wheel on the cheap, please let me know! I've been on the hunt for one. I have been looking locally here in sacrento, but everything seems to be bent or made of platinum (judging by the price of some of them!!).


Re: '77 CB550 Winter Project.

Nice work!
I flip flopped for months on wether to do mag or spoked.
Went with spoked in the end.. But my eye still wonders how the mag would have looked too... Lol.

Following your build now... Interested to see how she comes together. Lol
'77 CB550 Winter Project.

I was about to email one of the pics to you, Rusty. LOL. I don't have the killer welding skills that you have, but I'm a persistent bastard. BradJ pointed me in the direction of the Zx swinger. I had seen some old HRC race bikes with them, but rare is an understatement, and the new ones at custom shops are pretty spendy.


I'll be de-tabbing the swingarm this weekend, and while I'm at it, fabbing up some adjustable lower shock mounts
'77 CB550 Winter Project.

Busted out the portaband and started cutting the rear frame in preparation of welding in my hoop that I got from CafeGoose!
Re: '77 CB550 Winter Project.

holy crap thats a huge tool. I would've just grabbed a sawzall!!

nice project btw :D
'77 CB550 Winter Project.

Got most of the swingarm cleaned up and smoothed out. Just have to fab the lower shock mounts and machine out the axle bolt holes, then I get to start dry fitting it all together...

'77 CB550 Winter Project.

I'm on the fence about polishing / chroming / powder coating....

On another note...cleaned up the front calipers. I literally bought the entire front end from a meth head last year...and there was red spray paint all over these...
'77 CB550 Winter Project.

This tank polished up nice. Kind of tempting to leave as a stock color...the patina is pretty cool, too.
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