79 CB750K RCB Clone-ish. On the road.

Re: 79 CB750K RCB Clone-ish ENGINE IN!

Great work Man!

I enjoy that you're not just stripping the bike down and cleaning things up. Really excited to see how it all comes together, especially the tank.
Re: 79 CB750K RCB Clone-ish ENGINE IN!

bike looks good......enjoy it
joe@ v cycle
Re: 79 CB750K RCB Clone-ish ENGINE IN!

Thanks to Ringo and and Swagger, I think I found my new paint scheme:


Ordered SS break line and valve shims too.
Re: 79 CB750K RCB Clone-ish ENGINE IN!

Tough to mess up with black and gold, JPS for the win!
Re: 79 CB750K RCB Clone-ish ENGINE IN!

I have most of my valves shimmed for the 900 cam, I need three more shims at 25mm, 2-55, 2-60 and 2-65... Trying to find locally.

Also did a little work on the side and starter cover.

Re: 79 CB750K RCB Clone-ish ENGINE IN!

The quality of this thing is amazing!

I have the wind screen, but it will stay in its protective plastic untill probibaly very last thing on the bike.


Also need some valve shims, 25mm 2-55, 2-60 and 2-65. I used all the ones that came with the kit...
Re: 79 CB750K RCB Clone-ish GOT MY RCB FAIRING!!!

Well, this is about the way its going to be sitting, I just need to figure out the best way to make clearance for my bars.



I think I will have to cut larger clearance for the bars and make some flairs for the sides where I cut...
Re: 79 CB750K RCB Clone-ish GOT MY RCB FAIRING!!!

Looks like you can avoid hacking up the fairing by simply moving it forward a bit. It looks out of proportion that far back, shouldn't take more than a couple inches to clean it up....
Re: 79 CB750K RCB Clone-ish GOT MY RCB FAIRING!!!

I don't think so, maybe an inch and a half but still not enough for clearance for my controls with my big mits on them.
What I'm looking at here is the back part of the fairing lined up with the valve cover/ head. You can see how the pic here has an opening that goes further forward.


The flares I'm talking about are like this one:

Re: 79 CB750K RCB Clone-ish GOT MY RCB FAIRING!!!

Dude, Lee is right. Look At the pic of your bike and then the pic you posted. With the bars straight you've only got about and inch of clearance. In the pic you posted of the red bike there is like 6-7" ... Move that ting forward. I can see what your trying to do. Keep the 45 at the bottom lined up with the head on the motor.

And just a heads up. Ya need bigger or more holes in you rotor. The holes need to overlap each other so that the pad will wear evenly.
Re: 79 CB750K RCB Clone-ish GOT MY RCB FAIRING!!!

Those look like fender flares rednecks put on there truck for "mudd'n" haha...
Re: 79 CB750K RCB Clone-ish GOT MY RCB FAIRING!!!

Thats right! haha I'm not hate'n... I pretty redneck in plenty of ways. Lol
Re: 79 CB750K RCB Clone-ish GOT MY RCB FAIRING!!!

Don't worry, My neck is kinda sun burnt too.

I visited Boise about a year and a half ago. Loved everything about it! The old prison (the cross on the hill is a little weird) the Hooters theme nights, that down town market was cool and above all HOw CLEAN IT WAS!
Re: 79 CB750K RCB Clone-ish GOT MY RCB FAIRING!!!

So after looking at the pics of your bike vs. that amazing red one I think it's a combination of both move and trim. The fairing on the red bike is similar but different enough to make some compromises unavoidable. The face of the fairing is farther forward on the red bike by what looks like (Calibrated Eyeball Mk.3) a good FEW inches, but it's also subtly different in basic shape and form. I imagine it was laid up by some other shop? Who knows.....

1) Note the ends of the windshield portion vs. the ends of the bottom part that parallels the head. The 'wings' under the windshield are significantly shorter on the red bike while the bottom part that swing back over the engine is longer by a fair margin. It looks like perhaps you tried to line it up with the head as the red bike is and in this case I think that's a mistake.

2) Your mockup has the fairing a good inch higher than the red one as well if you go by the edge that's parallel to the head. Again, being almost assuredly laid up by a different joint this may be a matter of the overall shape.

3) Your clip-ons aren't really setup all that well. I have no doubt that sitting on it in the garage and going VROOM VROOM (I would!) feels great but having your wrists splayed out will be rough after a few miles of riding this brute, especially if you plan to actually hit some twisties on it (I would!). Obviously you'd need to rework the tank to clear but I think your talent has shown itself up to the task an that and a minor position adjustment will likely make cutting up the fairing unnecessary. I do kinda like the bolt on flairs and you could still incorporate them for effect.

Just a thought my friend, you're 80% there...might as well go all the way no?
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