80' SR250 from Calgary, AB

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Allo Allo.

Eventually I'll start a thread for my little 80' SR250 but for now I'm absorbing every last scrap of information I can.

This place is an incredible resource and I hope to contribute some useful information some day!

I've only owned one other bike, a Honda CG125, bought brand new from the dealership on impulse while travelling in Guatemala.

My first turn of the crank was during rush hour in a hugely populated city followed by an hour of incredibly fun highway on the Pan American to get home.

I guess my crash course on riding was doing 10,000 or so km throughout Central America on a severely undersized motorcycle, and I loved every minute of it.

I got the opportunity now a few years later back here in Canada to rebuild a lil bike, make her my own and enjoy every step!

Cheers guys (and gals), greatly appreciate all the information you all share!


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Thanks, as soon as I get he needle and seat from Indonesia it should be ridden daily. ETA is June 17-Aug 9 though
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