81 Yamaha sr250 tire size question


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Hey my name is Marty and new to the site, seen some awesome build threads here so figured guys know what they are doing ahah. So I have a 81 sr250 that I've been doing some work on. I plan on getting some new tires and seeing if the ones I want will work out. I always try to do my research before asking anything but this has been giving me a headache. So here is what I have and what I know

Original tire size
Front tyre size: 3.00-18 (300-18) ( will verify it it's the 18 or 19 inch rim in morning)
Front inner tube: 275/300-18
Rear tyre size: 120/90-16
Rear inner tube: 500/510-16

Want to put on
Tires/Wheels: 19×4.00 Firestone Champion DeLuxe,
16×5.00 Firestone Champion DeLuxe


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Another example, I wish I could do matching size of the 5.00-16 Firestone tires but read could effect handling. Plus I'm not sure what would need to be done to accomplish this


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It will cost you a fair amount of money to change wheels. That first pics the look is good, and has the stock wheels.

An ms-90 on the rear won't be big enough so just find a tall 16 inch tire for the rear and a tall 18 for the front. The builder of the first bike pulled it off.
The first one is actually my bike lol. Do you think I could pull off the
Tires/Wheels: (front) 19×4.00 Firestone Champion DeLuxe, (rear)16×5.00 Firestone Champion DeLuxe
I know. I'm talking about the first sample pic, it has stock wheels. So going to 19 inch would be pricey.
Hey, Cosworth, old thread, but yeah, those tires on the first sample look great, even on the stock wheels. I've tried to zoom in on the pix to see what size they are, but I can't tell. (Old Man Eyesight) Looks cool as heck, though.
WELL! What a difference reading glasses make!.... 5.00x16 rear, 4.00x18 front. I like it- looks sorta retro. What's wild is that according to the conversion tables, a 130/90-16 and 100/90-18 should pull off the same look. Hope so.
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