'82 Suzuki GS450L Brat Project.


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Okay so, Hi, my name is JoeBob.

I am new to DTT and just wanted to jump in on the forums for the first time to show you my project that im currently working on, instead of lurking on everyone elses threads. Lol.

Well heres what im starting with. Her name is Lady and she is currently Dating Cupids Evil Twin Brother C.D. ;) Hence the name CupidsDeathDay.

And the seat pan I am currently finishing up. I'm making it from an old steel tractor seat i found at a junkyard for $5. The center was a little rusted out which is why there is a Giant triangle cut out in the middle.

But this is about it for now. Waiting on parts before moving to more, but its a start.

Thanks, JoeBob.



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Nice to see another GS "L" model. Welcome to the site. If you haven't already join or browse www.thegsresources.com website. Lots of knowledgable folks and great information regarding the GS series of bikes.



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I actually got some decent info from them but some of the guys don't like that I'm going to be chopping it so i decided not to post pics or about what im doing to it so i just ask them questions here and there.

But thanks for the heads up. Good info site.

Good looking ride by the way. I actually like the way that tank looks! I stuck with my stock tank, cause this is gonna be a kinda low budget build so im doing my best to not spend any large bills on this thing. Its a pride kinda thing. I prefer to build what i can with what i have. I actually built a boombox a few years ago using old parts from 2 CD players and 3 junked sony boom boxes and it turned out awesome. The only money i spent on it was the Lithium Ion battery but turned out great and im kinda doing the same with this.

The only things i have actually spent money on(other than the bike itself) is a handful of bolts, the tractor seat i bought for the seat pan and the shocks. I might have to buy a new tail light but im making all the brackets from scrap. Everything else is being done by ME and only me. Ex: Welding, Grinding, Cutting, paint, repair and electronics with stuff i have at the house. Basically like a Clean Hill-Billy build. Lol. Thats what my friends call it.

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