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Summer (2019) I bought a 1982 Suzuki gs650e from my brother who had started to restore it but ran out of time/energy etc. I started to clean it up a bit over winter, but mostly is sat behind my shed waiting for warmer weather. In the spring I had aims to start riding again around Easter, but the world shut down and things came to a screeching halt (licensing, riding course, etc.); now I had lots of time to work on the bike but no way to ride it, so I dug in deeper beyond putting lipstick on a pig and started replacing pieces etc.

My goal was to ride in 2020, but by the time the world opened back up, there wasn't enough time to make it financially reasonable to put the bike on the road....yes, I know what you're thinking: financially reasonable <> building/riding a bike. Mostly, I mean forcing a sub-standard bike through safety and insuring it for a full year for a month of fall riding.

So where does that leave the build? Right now the bike is rideable with a few issues that haven't been addressed yet due to timing. Before taking it in for taking it for safety inspection I still needed to look at the rear master brake cylinder (won't release when the pedal is disengaged), the front master cylinder (needs some more bleeding, and one of the bolts stripped the housing upon final assembly), there's an exhaust header bolt sheared-off and embedded in the block causing a noticeable exhaust leak, and a loud clacking sound coming our of the head that I'm hoping is just a loose cam tensioner....just a few items.

Anyway, this will thread will be partly what's been done to date, and progress moving forward this fall/winter; fixing the list above but also removing/disassembling the front forks, pulling the engine, and playing with some wiring. I'm open to suggestions, this is very much an exploration/learning experience.

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Looks like a bit of work has gone into it already. Welcome mate, can't wait to see more.


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Mail Call!...actually “parts pickup” would be more accurate. Getting stocked up for winter tinkering on the GS650.

I’ve been busy trying to finish some outdoor projects while the weather holds, but soon enough it’ll be time to start disassembling the bike again.


I tried fixing the existing fuel petcock a few times but got frustrated with a perpetual tiny leak and finally bought a new one (though I could have skipped on the spring, missed call on my part).

The previous owner told me he had new exhaust manifold gaskets, but when I pulled everything apart I couldn't find them, so I put the old ones back on and hoped for good results....that didn't pan out.

I'd read good things about a larger front sprocket, but I was well past that part of the clean-up at that point so I'd put the idea on the shelf for later; now it looks like there's time to do it and the price was good.

What do you folks suggest for stiffer suspension that won't cost a fortune? The GS folks are split between progressive and OEM replacement (Sonic Springs) for the front. Opinions?


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Well, I am not sure right now in Canada. I got mine sent to Maine from DCC and went and got them. I do know DCC will ship to Canada but not sure on the cost. Ebay.ca you might find a UK seller as that is where they are made that can ship reasonable to Canada. Before DCC carried them though the price for the GL1000 spec ones was over $750 CAD anywhere I looked. DCC had them for $250 US after they started stocking them.


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No clue on those. Never swapped a set. I just upped preload and put heavier oil after removing the air from mine

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