'83 Yamaha dt80 micro enduro


Been Around the Block
Just picked up this DT80 for next to nothing. Hadn't been started for years and was missing the kickstart and a few other random things. Pushed it up and down my driveway for about an hour with new fuel in it and it fired right up! Been riding it just about every day since. I'm probably going to tear it down and clean everything up, make some slight repairs, might change some minor stuff, paint some parts, but for the most part I'm just going to leave it alone and maintain it, ride it hard. It's got one problem I'm having a hard time figuring out, after I've been riding it for a while it will randomly idle super high, sometimes I'll pull up to a stop sign and it'll be tapped with the clutch in, I can sometimes get it to drop idle if I let off the clutch a bit in gear, but not always. I lubed up the throttle cable thinking it might be sticking, but it did not help. I read it may be an intake leak, so I sprayed some carb cleaner around the intake manifold and it drops idle, almost dies. Is this pretty typical? I'm going to tear the carb off to clean it anyway, I'm hoping if I replace the intake manifold gasket it'll take care of the problem. It's literally the only issue I have with this bike, it runs awesome! Anyway, I'll post some trail pictures when I get some!



Yes, the climbing revs is your engine leaning out as air is sucked in somewhere. You proved it when you sprayed and the idle dropped. The fluid was sealing the leak so it could not suck in more air. Is there a clamp around the boot you can tighten? Another thing to consider on a 2-stroke is the crank seals can leak too causing a lean mixture. Hope that helps!
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