'84 FJ600 build

I haven't made any real progress as my family and I are moving to a house from our apartment. I am so stoked to have a workspace at my home where I can make some good progress daily. I plan to take my time and make the fj600 a real peach.

In other news I picked up a vstar 650! A friend of my Pops was looking to get rid of it so we got it for a killer deal.
Still chugging along. I have been learning to weld and working on the frame and suspension with my Pops. I am working on making the rear suspension linkage adjustable for ride height adjustments. It is costing more than I had hoped but its going to look and function very nicely.

I also got the head and cylinder block off the engine case. Will need a good cleaning on the pistons, new rings and gaskets all the way up as I put all back together. Here are a couple pics as I was struggling to break the cylinder block free.

I was very glad to see that the cylinders and pistons have no scrapes, gouges or other damage. The cams and head also look very good. A lot of build up and gunk but its all coming clean with a bit of elbow grease and patience.

I will post some pics of my progress with the frame this weekend. I am hoping to have a rolling chassis again by then. I can plan out and mock up my rear subframe and seat at that point.

Thanks for any tips or advice. All are welcome!
Here are a couple pics of the bike up on its wheels

I still need to adjust the rear suspension linkage as the rear end is sitting a bit low. I also need to make some spacers for the linkage so I can torque it all down tight. little by little it is coming along. Probably wont use this tank but I threw it on for some spatial reference.
Your linkage looks nice. Can you post some more pics? What rear shock are you using? I found the OEM shock to cost an arm and a leg so I am planning to upgrade it with something more common.
Thanks for the complements. I still need to get some proper bushings in the swing arm mount for the linkage and a couple low profile bolts to lock it all down so its not done quite yet. That shock is from a 2010-13 FZ-8. Its a bit longer than stock hence the adjustable linkage I had to mock up to get it to fit. Otherwise its a great fit and with the progressive springs I just put up front it feels very balanced so far.

There are some minor tire clearance issues with my design inside the swing arm legs. I say minor because the PO has an oversized 140/90-18 tire on there so with the stock 110/90-18 it should clear just fine. I will likely run a 110/80-18 front and rear as it is within spec for both front and rear wheel size.

I will get some more detailed pics up here when I finalize the placement and bolt everything down tight.
Today I bought CBR900 rear shock - hopefully it should work nicely. As for rear tire - I thought that 130/90-18 would require chain guard adjustment. Did you ditch yours? As for front, I have 110/90 Metzeler and it looks nice 8)
I still have the stock chain guard but it is pretty beat... I plan to bend a new one up from some scrap aluminum I have laying around. I am pretty sure the PO just let it rub the edge of the tire as the tire is pretty worn on the chain side.
Well I am back at it. After a flood in my house, a death in the family and life in general getting in the way I managed to build myself a workbench from some old industrial steel shelving. I have my dissassembled engine up on the bench and am taking stick of what is next.

I need to get the engine back together and have the following ready to go:
gaskets and seals for the engine
piston rings

What I may need to get:
New Valves
New Retainers and seats for the springs
new Valve Springs

My problem is I cant seem to find new replacements. I am sure there is some universal or aftermarket substitute I can use in lieu of OEM parts. Anyone have any ideas on where I can source the valves, springs and misc hardware to install them?

Well I got the head rebuilt yesterday. Was able to refresh the existing parts with a good cleaning and it was all in nearly new condition. Very happy with the results so far. We lapped the valves into the new head and got them all in place. I will check for valve clearance after the engine is back together with the head.

Up next I need to hone the cylinders, install new piston rings and get this engine back in one piece.
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