89 BMW R80RT. Rotter to Racer!

Front brake calipers stripped, cleaned, painted and rebuilt!! I junking BM's car like hoses and going to make up a set of braided lines! All in the name of weight saving, these old boxers go quiet well when you junk all the anorak stuff! Time to piss off the purists!!!


Thats me done on this for a couple of weeks, I'll get back at it towards to end of the month!!! Im headin to Texas on Hols!!!
likin it a lot...

my vote is the 761 also... :)

my '89 r80 mono has a thread on here somewhere..i like those wheels, especially in black like mine and i like the clip ons a couple of inches down the forks.

what size were they?..the manual says 38.4mm fork dia for an '89 R80 so i got 38 for a tight fit but wished i had got 39 or even 40 cos it was too tight a fit but got them on.

i also went for yam r6 rearsets on mine...took a bit of easy work to get on but i do like them...ridin position is now evil..in both looks and feel from the cockpit... ;D
Okay Its been a while since Ive done anything to the Bimmer, Ive been away foe a couple of weeks and the busy with other stuff so tonight I finally got back to working on it!!!

I made a start on the subframe, I'll post a few pics of what Ive done just to update this thread but its only a small piece!

Using the existing subframe mounts I made a start by figuring out how the upper section of the new subframe will bolt up!

I took some tubing an cut it to lenght then I dug out 2 old threaded bar inserts for holding Enduro handguards to use as blind nuts! I drills some holes in the tube, tapped in the inserts and spotwelded them!



The inserts where threaded for M6 bolts so I tapped them out to M8 and cleaned up the welds!



Not much to show for a nights work but at least now Ive somewhere to start my subframe build from!



Ive to figure out exactly how Im going to design the subframe as Ive to consider which way the seat will attach to it and how Im going to deal with the large area between the tank/frame/seat! Im also not using the existing lower mounts, Im making new ones further up the frame and running the lower brace inside the shock, rather than outside like the original!! I'm keeping the lower mounts though as Im modifying the old subframe so that I can swap them over when I want to take a pillion!!!

I'll be back when Ive a decent amount to of work to show you!!
Its been a while since I got to do anything with this but I finally got back at it after weeks of messing woth other projects etc.

Time to start making the rest of the subframe! Im kind of figuring this out as I go, its hard to tell if my positioning an proportions will be right, but hey I can always cuts it up and modify it if needs be.

I started out by looking at the seating position and mocking up one an measuring it, the I started to bend the tubing, one or 2 failed attempts to get my proportions right and then I bent the left an right sides and cut a brace! I figured it would be easier to hold them if I made up a jig so I knocked a simple jig out of plywood.


Then I set it up and tacked the tubing together.


Next up I welded it all around and cleaned it up with a flap disc.


Once that was done I offered it up to the bike and after a bit off palying about with angles etc I tacked it on.


It was had to line up, the rear wheel sits slightly to the left coz of the shaftdrive, I have it inline with the frame and tank but its not centred to the wheel!! The top tubes will be cut down when I figure where I want them an Im going to have to add a section into the frame to bolt the support tubes that will form the triangle! Its hard to know if I right at the moment as Ive to allow for the thickness of the seat cowl and seat foam! Next step is to finish the subframe so Ill be back with a picture of the finished item - hopefully soon!
Bringing that thing back from the dead for sure. Good work.

I feel like you could just soda blast the rest of the entire bike. I hope the frame is not too far gone in the front - these things are fairly weak to begin with. Any plans on frame bracing?
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