90's CB500 build


Been Around the Block
Another couple of months slipped by then....!!
Not so much of a rush anymore as the race meeting I had intended to have it ready for isn't going ahead
But plans have changed a bit as well.....am now thinking about this bike being the prototype for a frame kit for the CB/CBF 500...a road rather than race bike
More on that later.....for now did an engine re fresh and over the next few days will be designing a new air/battery/electrics box....and finishing off the frame
003 (7).JPG


Been Around the Block
Looking good Rob. Seeing that glove on the floor freaked me out a bit. At first glance it looked like someones hand.


Been Around the Block
I hadn't noticed it in the pic Steve, had me worried too....thought for a moment that I missed a bit when I was disposing of the body....
Anyway, back to the bike....now that its changed from a race/trackday bike to a road one I've made a sort of box that fits inside the frame, it's part airbox, part electrics and incorporates the rear mudguard as well....

003 (8).JPG

Thats made from bits of scrap sheet (and pretty much a whole tub of body filler)....then taken a mould from it....

009 (8).JPG

And fitted into the frame....

001 (11).JPG

And now starting to make moulds for side panels.....one side will give access to the electrics and the other will be inlet to the airbox part....

002 (8).JPG


Been Around the Block
Finished off the sidepanels.....and took moulds from them....
005 (7).JPG

But have been having a problem with the exhaust system....I want twin pipes but you can only get 2 into 1's....I don't have the correct size former to bend my own and everyone I've talked to wants vast amounts of money to bend some for me....so made up a set in smaller tubing....it'll do for working out mounting brackets, silencer positioning, sidestand clearance etc and be enough to run the engine for now and I can use them as templates when I eventually open my wallet a bit wider....

003 (10).JPG


Been Around the Block
I'm going to take the bike along to a show next weekend.....get a bit of feedback on the frame kit idea....so going to temporarily put the whole thing together without worrying too much about finish etc
Made up the other half of the new airbox and gave the frame a quick coat of paint yesterday....

004 (11).JPG

And started assembly today..... the 'legs' of the frame that fit around the rear engine mounts tend to distort inwards a bit when welded so I use a length of studding to spread them 3 or 4mm outwards....easier to fit frame to engine and less likely to damage the paint.....though I did manage that anyway!

001 (13).JPG

And at last able to fit my hoarded Ducati frame plugs!

006 (10).JPG

013 (8).JPG


Been Around the Block
A few more pics.....putting it together has made me realise how much more needs doing!
Unfortunately, there aren't any oe discs that'll fit so having to have a pair made....

006 (11).JPG

I did make a start on the rad cowl but not happy with the way it looks yet....

007 (11).JPG

But pleased with the way the side panel/air inlet is coming along.....

008 (8).JPG

011 (9).JPG

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