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Back in the day my uncle used to race motorcycles. He built a few of them too. I guess he's partly responsible for my penchant for mucky fingernails and a shed that smells of racing motorcycles. Here is a link to a blog which covered some of his exploits in an article a few years ago. The blog itself is a wonderful read which delves into some of the forgotten tales of two and four wheeled racing. Well worth stopping by for a browse.


I shall pop by my uncles soon and get some pictures of the Myers 7R as it sits today as well as taking in as many nosefulls of his shed as I can manage.
I'll get some detailed pictures of this one too. After a quite nasty off at a european road race a few years ago he's now retired and just does parades. This is his ducati replica that he built.


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Looking for something completely different stumbled upon this. What a great blog, very interesting 'historical' pictures. I had a feeling I'd seen frames similar to the one I 'designed' for BSA C15/B40 when I was 14 (1971, doing 'mechanical design' during a physics lesson 8) ) Friend had a stupid tuned C15 which went all the way to H (MPH on bottom of Smiths speedo, around 115mph) Crank's only lasted around 1200 miles though (until he found te pencil he 'lost' down an oil line)
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