A quick shout out to Cognito Moto


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Purchased a billet upper triple tree clamp from them for a busa front end conversion. So stoked!

Just got my forks back from Traxxion guys and went to slide the tubes into the stock tree. clamped everything down and removed the upper to slide on the new tree and NO WAY it was fitting.

It was 2AM and I send a panicked email to cognito and someone actually answered right away! Didn't tell me what I wanted to hear but in the end he was right.

Today, with a fresh mind I went to the garage and put the bike up again, loosened the front axle, loosened one of the lower triple tree bolts on each side, sat on the rear while the bike was one the centerstand to completely offload the forks and with a little tweaking the clamp slide on perfectly.

My stock upper triple clamp was significantly tweaked. Stupid me.

Anyway, compared to the old stock tree, this one is light years cleaner looking and hopefully much stronger. THANKS AGAIN for the service and product!

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