Ace 125 air box removal


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Hey guys , pretty new ! been riding my ace for a month now and love it !
but i want to get it to look more like a cafe racer,and a bit better power !
soooo i have to get rid of the airbox ,put on pod filters ,get new battery box ect
Now has anyone done this /got time give me tips or pictures !
im thinking of buying the upgrade kit from 4.8 hp to 8 hp from OOracing online !
anybody installed this by themselves , was it simple ?
sorry my mechincal abilities are novice ! :) :) :p ::)


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As crazy said the resource is a great read loads of info tips and general good stuff.

here is how i dealt with it, used the original battery box turned on its side and made up some longer leads to connect the battery under the hump.

new earth wire connected.

new positive lead to fuse.

top view using a smaller battery as i am running kick start only.

all finished with the leather straps holding the battery securely.

result no airbox and a little more racer looking.


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OH , wow thanks my man looks great ill dig in now ! cant wait placing an order from OOracing tomorrow :)
im and Aussie !


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also just found this, just a cheap bit of plate, should work ok.

musket the dog

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Hi Nedskiee,

If you didn't want to move the battery I installed the ooracing kit by cutting the air box up to retain the side with the battery mounting points. Leaves plenty of air space around the filter and the plastic feels durable enough so I do think it's going to give in any time soon. You can't see any of it behind the side panels and it cleans up ok. I would be able to get some pictures for you this weekend when I'm back home.
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