Acewell Digital Speedo and cb750 Frame Kit


1978 CX500 Cafe
Cycle X frame kit for cb750 $50

Acewell digital Speedo$100SOLD

Acewell 2853AB Digital Speedometer with Black Anodised Metal Housing.
Includes analog and digital tacho, speedo (300km/h max), trip meter, odometer, clock, average speedo, maximum speedo, riding timer and cumulative riding timer.
LCD has two rows of digital and one analog bar-graphic tacho displays with blue LED backlight.
Odometer and cumulative riding timer measurements are stored in memory even when the power is off.
Adjustable wheel circumference suitable for all kinds of wheels: setting range of 1-3999 mm setting.
MPH and KPH switchable.
Waterproof Design.

Power Input: 12VDC
Dimensions: 64mm round x 40mm deep
Speed Sensor: No Contact Magnetic Sensor and reed switch
Tacho Input: CDI or Ignition-coil signal
Wheel Circumference setting: 1mm-3999mm (1mm increment)
Operation Temperature: -10C to +80C inner housing
Storage Temperature: -25C to +85C inner housing

Retails up to 300$

100$ shipped for forum members. Canada brothers to pay actual shipping. Very Nice for any custom build. Have had it on a cb750 for a while with no coplaint at all just switching to an analog clock for aesthetic reasons only. Uses stock speedo drive on hub. All cables included....

I'm interested in the Acewell, does this model come with the fuel gauge option?

also you mentioned it uses the stock speedo drive is this in lieu of the magnetic sensor and reed switch?

sorry if that's a dumb question but not totally sure how it works (new age digital stuff ha)

Edit: I guess its worth mentioning that my front hub is drum not disk.
Yes it has the fuel gauge option. New age digital stuff haha,I know what you mean. Actually there is a cable that goes were the stock speedo cable goes. How it works ,not sure but it does not use a magnetic sensor pickup like the sigma speedos. I do know the tach runs off the coil (one option) sure you can get a pdf owners manual off there website.
Like your signature brother...posting that one today.
I appreciate the break down on the workings of the speedo, I didnt get around to sending you a pm to get your paypal but if its sold already I guess its not meant to be ha thanks again!
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