Alaska Mat-su, anybody?

Gonna break the bike back down to frame and repaint, fix engine leaks, new DDC seat to figure out how to install and also have a Moped my son and I are going to break down and rebuild for him to try and ride next year. What about you? What projects you working on? We could probably do a meet and greet so neither of us think the other is a cyberstalker or anything like that. You're in the valley right? I might be headed that way next Saturday there is a band playing at the Salvation Army or somewhere like that.
Im going to pull the front end apart and put new bearings in. Also I got this 550 maxim that is begging to be turned into a kneeler sidecar rig... yeah gooch I get back to town on the 13th. We should try to get out sometime. I know no one here. Thought I was the only one for a wile lol.
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