All Clubs Ride


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Stockbridge this Sunday. Not the famous All Clubs Day, but a destination for a good breakfast and a reason to get out on some decent roads and meet other riders. I'm planning on getting there about 10ish. Anyone else ?

That's about an hour and a half away from me, might be doable. Got any more info?
Basically a meet and greet. Coffee and donuts in the town square and route sheets for rides in the area. Haven't been to any of the spring events, but the fall ones are old bike overkill. I'll be on the MZ Baghira with the super moto wheels. Say hi. It's always good to put faces to names.

Looks like breakfast at the Inverness Inn on N. Territorial around 9:30, then on up to Stockbridge.

Just got back. Good day for a nice ride. 100 or so bikes of all types. Over 700 in the fall usually show up. I need a new seat on the MZ. My ass is numb.

I passed out last night about 3, no way I was gonna make it. Hope you guys had a blast. Hopefully I can make the next gathering.
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