All the CT, NYC, MASS, RI, VT, NH, and even ME PEEPS!

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Summers here.. time to ride... If there is a big enough concensus we should do a NE ride.. EVERYONE>>>>?

Post a yeah or Nay...

On a side note... the Caff Convergence is happening on Aug. 10th...

I might be talked into that.

EVERY ONE should make it down for the works show on 8/25
Will be newly moved to MA, Boston area. Will try to make this too -- maybe ride the CB160 down there? A bit far, but it's a runner...
Habanero52 said:
Welcome to MA Mr. Carnivorous Chicken!!!!!
I live South of Boston.

Cool, thanks!
I'm actually moving in mid-July -- my wife got a job at Bose, so she's living in Natick now, working in Framingham. I'm a prof at ASU, but decided to resign and check out Boston. I'm not much of a joiner, but been working on bikes for years and like doing my own thing (and helping friends out). I know there's a big British scene too, in Boston and New Bedford (my wife's from Mattapoisett), which is good because I'm going to tackle my first Brit bike there -- 1961 BSA C15 -- and will need some help. Anyway, I'll keep my eyes open for other stuff too... Cheers!
carnivorous chicken. keep me posted on the big move and let me know if I can help you with anything!
Meetup Location is Hartford Vespa at anytime after 11am.... Kickstands up for the ride around 1pm-1:30pm ish..

around 1.5/2 hour ride with an Ice cream stop half way.. End point is one of our local watering holes The Driftwood in clinton CT on the Coast...

Thats the hang out , food and slow race/hooligan, and small twisty rides around there.....

DAMNIT!!!....when is the next ride/event? I have to stay home Saturday while The windows( that I never agreed TO) are installed....Sux
Next (2) big events are The Caff Convergence on Aug. 10th... and the Rockers Re-Union Sept 1st...

Both are great...

The convergence is meeting at the CT ROCKERS Club house in Cromwell CT To start the ride..

The Rockers ReUnion is in Glastonbury, CT

PM me for more info...
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