Alloy seat pan build

Hi oxford I dont know what the other lads are using but I use a air sander and a 41/2 grinder and a wood file but you will need a good mask and goggles and do it out side if posibble as it makes a real mess but I dont use mine to form over just to get the design correct.
Thanks Fab Tanks. That sounds time consuming in both doing it and cleaning up. :) What are the benefits of having a solid buck vs. one made of plywood pieces?
Hi oxford it depends what your making you would use a solid former to beat the shape of you item over. A plywood buck you would form your project with a sand bag and hammer, english wheel so on, and make the panel fit the buck you have made to the shape you require and then fix it to the buck with spring clamps and screws so it can be tacked together in the correct shape. Hope this helps.
Thanks. Is there certain shapes/designs that work better with the soild form and some better formed by hand and fitted to the buck?
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