Almost finished XS650.


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I started this project about three years ago, not much Yamaha left now, pretty well everything handmade in my workshop: PMA mount, single points cam, VM carb manifolds, reed valve breather catch can, fuel distributor, engine mounts, brake line junction, pancake filters, exhausts, mufflers, side panels, battery carrier, seat, tail light, headlight brackets, chain guard, oil cooler mount, spin on filter base, risers, plus heaps of other bits and pieces, all made in my workshop.

Just needs tyres and seat covered. Dropped the seat in last week for upholstering (my Singer not working at the moment), wheels dropped off this morning for tyres. When I get them back, that's it, its finished.


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getting that bike onto that small wooden dolly was probably an humdinger of a job if you did it by yourself lol
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