Alright PA crew, time for roll call!!!!

Welcome to DTT new folks. Make sure to add a link to your build threads to your intros here. That way we can all follow along. Any questions about the site or if ya need any specific help in regards to your project, shoot me a PM and I get ya pointed in the right direction.

Now... Get to the garage!
what's up everybody! ;D

I'm Cody from Dillsburg, PA about 20 minutes or so outside of Harrisburg.

I'm new to DTT.
i bought the bike last year for a thousand buckaroons. it was in awesome shape for a 79. only had 9000 miles on it. 8) now 9400. i finished painting everything today. wheels, final drive, exhaust, some other little things. i did everything flat black mainly because too much chrome bothers me. and i took off some stuff i didn't want like front fender, passenger pegs (i don't need or want a woman) lol my neighbor does upholstery and has my seat right now. just waiting to get it back. ;D


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South Lebanon. I'll routinely find the twistes en route to Reading, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Pine Grove etc. though.
Howdy y'all. Damon from Pittsburgh. Lurking just a short time. Getting my first bike tomorrow. Thought I'd say hello.
Yep, the GT. Just picked it up today in Altoona. Got back and went for a ride through South Park and got caught in some of that rain that rolled through Pittsburgh earlier this evening. Wasn't even mad. Fantastic bike. Looking forward to putting some miles on it.
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