Also not in holland, Belgium


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so i was looking for a good forum for cafe racers but only found an English one,
witch looks to be pretty good :D.

i live in Belgium, and have been looking for an old project bike for months;
and finally found one for a decent price (100 Euro).
its an honda cb (hm)125s from 1860 or 1970.

the reason that i don't know the year is because there is a new gas tank or an other front fork.
i have yet to pick it up at the seller.
i ame going to to restore it but not completely, mainly build a custom cafe.



Welcome ManuR, you find a few cb125 have been cafed in the build threeads.
Welcome mate nice litle starter ya got there is she a runner get her ticking over before a strip down save hassle later gonna make a neat caferacer they polish up real good post ya build pics as ya go good luck mate


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Hello all ,

I'm from Belgium too and looking for a project bike (cb125 or cg125). Where did you find yours? And do you have any tips regarding cheap parts?

thx :)

i am sorry, i haven't been on the ton for like months.
so i will write an update, but for that i will make a new topic in the projects section.

For Bonux:
i found my bike on kapaza, but i was lucky, it was only on there for 2 hours, and immediately called the owner.
on 2Dehands there are some, but you have to be a bit lucky and patient, i have searched for 2 or 3 months before finding a descent one for the price.
but the problem is that there where no papers with it, so i will have to find an old frame, with papers.
(any ideas? ;D)

For parts there are a couple site's (that you maybe already know):
- (good parts, decent shipping costs, used it alot)
- (never used it, but they have everything u need, yet it's a bit expensive)
- (apparently not to bad either)
- And on ebay, but u have to search on the "www.ebay.COM" site not on the belgium site.

these are a few internet stores.
i have heard that there is a guy around gent- eeklo who sells parts an pieces for honda cb's.
but haven't checked him out yet.

link to the post:
link to a video:
Cheers :)
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