Annual DO THE TON Get Togethers

haircuttergirl said:
I'm working on that ;)

Let's do it! Are you leaning towards Detroit or Montreal?
We can put together a show in Corktown in Detroit, with urban hooligan rides.

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Montreal would be cool too but the QPP are real douchebags to riders so everyone needs to be careful riding in and out of the city. I can get to mtl in one day too which is cool.
Being from Detroit, and with the vast majority of my family living there, I fully support a Detroit jawn.
It's a little far for most people, but there has been talk about gathering up near Kaladar Ontario where I have a spot out in the woods on a lake, in the middle of some great riding roads. details the rides in the area.


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We've got a few beds and room for tents.

Bedroom 1 - queen
Bedroom 2 - queen and queen loft (enough headroom to sleep 2 drunks if we can shove them up there)
Bedroom 3 - double bed and single bunk above

Then the bunkie I built would likely sleep 4-5 people.

So we've got some room to pack people in along with floor space and 2 couches for sleeping bags.
I mentioned Detroit/Windsor because it's a common point for Ontario, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and even Quebec. Even coming from Kentucky, Missouri, WV or Minnesota isn't that far on a bike.

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Redwillis, all we need is a venu with camping near by and it could work. Timing around a bike show of some sort also can help.
I was thinking of an urban assault in Corktown with a bike show along Michigan Ave and drag racing behind the Train Station. Two James Distillery is also located there.


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May 24 weekend is the weekend of the Rust Revival Spring Thaw in the Red River Gorge of Kentucky.

It's also the first long weekend of the spring/summer and normally when I'm fixing whatever broke at the cottage over the winter (which is why I haven't been at the Spring Thaw for the last 2 years).

I'd be down for a Detroit area get together - super close. But so is Mid-Ohio in July - Lexington Ohio - 3 hours south of Detroit and only 6 hours from Toronto. I haven't made it there yet but would like to (largest swap meet). People already get together for that event.

Events/DTT get togethers I'm aware of:

Spring Thaw Bike Show & Swap Meet in Tennessee - March
Rust Revival Spring Thaw in Kentucky - May
AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days in Ohio - July
Mama Tried/Barber/Ace Corner in Alabama - October

I think I have those right - perhaps we need another thread on this topic and I'll split the posts over to it.
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