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Before I got even close to finishing my last bike, a '74 CB360, I had to sell it in pieces due to life kind of getting away from me. That was about 6 years ago, and I've regretted it ever since. Well a few weeks ago I found another '74 CB360 a few hours from home, and a few hundred bucks and a short road trip later I feel like I've been almost reunited with a long lost friend.

I'm super excited for this project! I know a lot more now and posses a lot more skills than I did back then (I know that wasn't that long ago, but we all do a lot of growing in our 20s, especially as we become parents, make career changes, etc) so hopefully this one will turn out the way I want it to.

All I have right now is a "before" pic from the day I picked it up, but so far I have found some nice aluminum clip-ons, am fitting a fiberglass GP style seat that I scored at auction for $20, and for a headlight I'm repurposing a spare that came with a T bucket project (a generic chrome hot rod piece from probably the late 60s/70s) along with a piece of a Model A headlight stanchion for the mount. I'll post some project pics as soon as I am able.


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This is awesome! I'll be following along. I once picked up a CB360T that someone installed the cam in backwards. Lit the air filters on fire and melted all the wiring. It was a blast to ride once everything was restored.


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Did a little bit of work and a lot of parts sourcing this last week! As is apparently common to these bikes, the upper triple was cracked on both sides. Luckily I found a good used one for cheap, and will install after I rebuild the forks and modify the lower for my headlight bracket. I also got my clip ons and hand controls in the mail and mocked them up to see how I like the look. After that I cut all the unused tabs off the frame from the old seat mounts, and then trimmed the fiberglass seat pan so it fits the slight upsweep of the frame. I'm using the tabs that the original rear fender would have bolted to to hold the seat in the rear, and what I think were mouning holes for the stock airbox in the front. Now I have to decide if I want I want bend up a new rear frame hoop or clean up and reuse the squarish stock one.

Here are some pics of the bars/controls, the seat, and also the headlight I'm planning to use:


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