Another Happy "Mark's Wire" Customer


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Mark13018 has an awesome deal on wire and fast shipping. Very satisfied. Thanks, Mark!

Thanks for the great feedback.. Good luck with your build.!

Amongst other things but this is cheap wiring for building the custom bikes if you want to run an entirely new harness for your bikes.. Sold about 2000' now locally and to guys/gals here on the forum... I don't sell it on eBay or anything. I just sell it cheap on here to help people that help me with advice and such. Let me know if you need anything or have any questions.
Two thumbs up, thanks mark!

If I ever get back to my shop you'll have stickers, I promise!
Thanks Marc!, looking forward to watching the builds!! There should be at least 100 builds on here with brand new wiring. Hahaha.. I'm trying to watch them all.
I picked up my double order yesterday in Niagara Falls NY. Nice looking wire :)
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