Another XS650 tracker... Codename: "Gemma"


Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead!!!
Alrighty then, I picked up a '78 XS650 Special a few months ago for killer price. The PO had intended on making the bike into a bobber and had already stripped the bike down and removed extraneous bracketry. This definitely made life easier, but then left me with one question: What's it going to be?

After a bit of a confusion on which way this XS should be built, I've finally decided that I need a street tracker. But... A lot of street trackers seem to be pretty identical nowadays, many of them looking like a King Kenny replica in varying color schemes. In fact, I almost decided to join in.

After looking around at the incredible work many of us DTT'ers and others have done, I've decided that I like a few key elements from various builders. A majority of the styles are pretty well-known: Brat Style, Wrench Monkees, etc.

My plan is to pull some of these elements together in a way that the XS is recognizable as a tracker without being a clone.

The agenda so far:
Motocross bars *done*
Simplified kick-only wiring harness (head/tail/brake lights and charging/ignition system) *WIP*
Trail Tech Lynx computer/speedo *on its way*
Aluminum/steel mesh front number plate *WIP*
Aluminum battery/electronics tray *done*
Single/dual driving lights mounted under or in front of the number plate
Brat-styled slab seat (possibly humped slightly to match the exposed seat loop)
Either an ascot or scrambler style exhaust

Here's what she looks like right now.

Here's a few pics of my inspirations.



Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead!!!
dynamitedave said:
these 2 bikes were made by John Ryland in Richmond VA. They are going to be in Iron Horse Magazine next month. I wrote the article and took the pics. Check it out.
Yes, I've been drooling over Mr. Ryland's aesthetic expressions for the last few days. A bit different for Iron Horse IMO, but much deserving of the attention. If I can make the XS a quarter of what these examples have become -- not to mention the other machines found on this site -- I'd be a happy camper.

Sadly, little progress has been made so far. Cut my aluminum frame for the number plate, began rebuilding the carbs and started working on the harness. Then, my Eclipse decides it wants to start burning 30a fuses like its candy...


Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead!!!
Here's my ghetto-fabbed aluminum battery/electrical box. It's just big enough to hold the battery, regulator and possibly the rectifier. It still needs some cleaning up, but I'll get to that soon.

Also, I started on the metal number plate. Cut and brazed some 3/4" x 1/8" aluminum bars together. Cut up a steel mesh box from Target to use as the actual "plate". Now... I just need to figure out how to attach the mesh to the frame.

The Basic Concept.


Don't Call Me Shirley.
Sweet, I like that battery box and all your inspiration bikes. Kinda a mix between brat and tracker.


Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead!!!
egardner1970 said:
What battery are you using? Cool idea. I am doing the same thing to a CB350F.
Wow, it's been a minute since I've logged in... Sorry for the wait!

To answer your question, it's a 2000mAh CAMCORDER battery from Radio Shack. The Shack in Franklin had about 5 of these on clearance for $2 a pop. I scooped each and every last one of them up.

Definitely cannot be used to start a bike with the starter, but it works for a kickstart only. I just finished a semi-mod on a friend's CB360, using the exact battery in the pics. Connected a capacitor inline with a 2-pin Molex connector for the battery. Does well with an LED tail light and the headlight on, but starts to wimp out if you have the headlight on, brakes in with a turn signal going.

As for the XS..........................

Well, I haven't been able to do too much to it recently, mostly due to too many projects in the Garage. I've got another friend's CBR900RR that's being revived, in addition to my own 1000RR. Plus, I'm nearly done with my GS550!

**EDITED because I'm a dumb@ss that didn't read a certain signature**

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