Another Yamaha SR250 build. Grand Rapids, MI.


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I was considering TT/XT250 option, but I am not convinced it would suite street bike.

I must say yours, as it is, looks good :)
Will you be bracing it under the engin?

I have a small can on mine. Well, it is loud :D
This humble bike was a $500 craigslist barn find. Just over 3400 original miles. From what I was told, and having a title that confirms, this bike was ridden most of its miles at Northern Michigan University's basic rider course. Passed hands three times since but doesn't seem to have been ridden much. Needed a few parts but cranked and rode fine on some dry-rotting tires. The plan is to turn this bike into a scrambler with a slightly upgraded suspension, exhaust, and electrical. All work will be done out of my garage. I am really hoping to come across some other Japanese motorcycle garage builders here in Grand Rapids. If you are in the area, definitely reach out.
Just found this. I love SRs and yours looks super cool! well done!

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