1. lchris21

    Quick make over.......or so I thought.....The ubiquitous XS650 - UK

    Hello fellow DTT forum members, thought Id start a build thread on a XS650 I've been meaning to get on the road. Not been around on here for a while since having to abandon my last project. Anyway, this one is plodding along, and I'm hopefully going to get it on the road in 2020 ::) Kicked it...
  2. canyoncarver

    YZF750/1000R - The Fly

    I've owned my share of different bikes over the years and although I've ridden a few supersports, I've never owned one. For the last 15 years, I've been very happy with the ZRX as my comfortable hooligan daily and sport touring machine. I also have my Shovelhead Harley chopper and for fun I'm...
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