1. M

    1980 Yamaha SR250 Worn Camshaft & Rockers

    Hello Do The Ton members, My name is Michael and I am new to the forum however I have a project bike that I feel Do The Ton members have experience with. I have two 1980 Yamaha SR250 engines one with 20,000 miles and the other with 4970 miles. I have never used either for riding and...
  2. Nitch

    Another Yamaha SR250 build. Grand Rapids, MI.

    This humble bike was a $500 craigslist barn find. Just over 3400 original miles. From what I was told, and having a title that confirms, this bike was ridden most of its miles at Northern Michigan University's basic rider course. Passed hands three times since but doesn't seem to have been...
  3. Koestum

    XS1100 #2 Carb Main Nozzle

    My #2 carb main nozzle is has less feeder holes than the others. Is this correct for the #2 carb or is it the wrong nozzle? This has 2 feeders & 3 feeders... all the others have 4 & 4. My first Yamaha, all my Hondas we're consistent. Thanks
  4. 20200521_153620.jpg


    Picture of my sisters 1977 Yamaha RD 400 Drawing
  5. pidjones

    pidjones' bicentenial build - a '76 RD400

    "Back in the day" I traded a too-small-for-me RD250 in on a brandy new '76 RD400 with the cool new cast wheels, front and rear disks, and promised broad power band. I got the Geneva green with Honda CB400F bars. Loved the machine (I had a 24 year-old body then, too) and rode it a lot on...
  6. lchris21

    Quick make over.......or so I thought.....The ubiquitous XS650 - UK

    Hello fellow DTT forum members, thought Id start a build thread on a XS650 I've been meaning to get on the road. Not been around on here for a while since having to abandon my last project. Anyway, this one is plodding along, and I'm hopefully going to get it on the road in 2020 ::) Kicked it...
  7. canyoncarver

    YZF750/1000R - The Fly 5

    I've owned my share of different bikes over the years and although I've ridden a few supersports, I've never owned one. For the last 15 years, I've been very happy with the ZRX as my comfortable hooligan daily and sport touring machine. I also have my Shovelhead Harley chopper and for fun I'm...
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