any shops want to help me build my cafe?


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I am looking for a shop that will be willing to teach me how to build my cafe. Basically allow me to work on my bike in their shop while a professional mechanic watches and shows me what to do. I am willing to pay the standard rate. I have no any idea what I am doing. The bike is a 75 cb550 that has been left in not so great shape by the previous owner. I intended to work on it alone but find myself scratching my head more than turning a wrench. I really want to ride this thing next season.

they'll probably want more than standard rate if you're going to be hanging around in the way, I'd say check for old wrenches locally, guys who work out of their garage on mostly their own stuff who do it for love not money, maybe a retired old mechanic, someone who would think it was cool and fun to help you learn to do the work right and drink some beers
I never had a bike or worked on one before I bought my Aero so when the oppertunity came to get my CB I jumped on it . My best advice is just get it running like it is and next winter do the Cafe project . This will give you all year to do some research on it and find great sights like this one to help you out . Remember it's a hobby you are supposed to have fun doing it . If it isn't any fun then why do it . 8)
jg68gto said:
Where in mich are you? I am no shop but would gladly help you on your build.

REALLY?!?!?! thank you. PM me your contact info. I would like to get in touch. I live in Bloomfield.

Thanks again
You still looking for somebody? There is a great bike shop in Royal Oak that only works on old bikes/cafes and he might be able to help you out.
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